Journal of Social Science Is an academic journal of the Faculty of Social Sciences. Chiang Mai University It has been operating since 1970. By collaborating with Faculty of Social Sciences Chiang Mai University And there are teachers from various departments. Both within and outside the university serve as editorial staff. The main objectives are:

1. To provide a platform for the dissemination of high quality social sciences and humanities to society.

2. To support academic and academic students in the social sciences and humanities. Develop quality academic potential. And it is beneficial to the academic and society as a whole.

3. To be a forum for exchange. Consistent academic debate And respond to contemporary problems of society.

In the policy. Social science Two editions are to be published each year: January 1 - June 1 and July 2 - December 2. It is available nationwide. And online membership system It also offers online and documentary offers.

Vol 30 No 1 (2018): Social scramble

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